Homura Akemi (暁美 ほむら) is a primary ally in the Puella Magi Madoka Magica series.




Homura is a young girl with waist-length black hair and flat purple eyes. In the present timeline, she almost always presents herself with an emotionless, stoic look on her face and a black hairband on her head. Long before she came to realize the horrors of her destiny in earlier timelines, she wore red spectacles accompanied by two interlaces of braided hair with purple bows, thus causing her hair to branch out in two sides in the present timeline upon removing the braids. She is seen in her school uniform as a civilian.

Magical Girl

In her Magical Girl form, she wears a white, long-sleeved coat that splits in the center near the end of the sleeve, which is lined by a black trim. She sports a black, collared shirt, and said collar is lined with white along the edges. She also has a darker purple bow with long ribbons in the center of the collar. Around this, she has another larger dull, light purple seifuku-style collar, which has a black diamond shape on the back of it, all of which is over a black, long-sleeved shirt. The skirt is dull, light purple with a white, ruffled trim. She also wears black tights with purple diamonds that line the sides of her legs and black heels. The coat appears to have a flower-like pattern with three "petals," and has a purple bow in the back with two long ribbons that end in half-diamond shapes with black, triangle-shaped designs lining the ends.


In her demon form, which is featured in the movie Rebellion, she wears a black dress that is longer in the back, similar to Madoka's Goddess outfit. The top of this dress is a heart-shaped plunging neckline, with the inside of the chest piece being sharp to mimic feathers. She has a similarly paired choker, with a bow-and-arrow shaped piece that lays flatly across her chest. Moving down to the bodice portion of the dress, the sides are cut to where only the middle portion of her torso is covered, while the rest, including the back, is fully revealed. The bottom points outwards to either side, the ends being feathers to match her "fallen angel" concept. The inside of the skirt resembles a universe, just as Madoka's. She also wears thigh-high socks that follow a diamond pattern, like the adornments on the stockings she wears as a magical girl. The outfit is complete with black flat shoes with an anklet piece attached, and full-length gloves that end with two strands. This form keeps the hair ribbon that Madoka gave her at the end of the series.



Ever since her initial arrival at Mitakihara Middle School in the first episode, Homura is depicted as being very intelligent, athletic, distant, and cold. It is revealed in episode four that she ended up like this because she had seen so much suffering during her tenure as a Magical Girl. Because of this, she does not want Madoka Kaname to become a Magical Girl and exudes her best efforts in order to stop her from making a wish with Kyubey, going as far as to attempt to injure or kill the cat-like creature. Despite her cold attitude towards the others, she still very much cares for them, and especially Madoka, as it is her sole objective to protect her ever since she made her wish.

In the original timeline where her journey began, however, Homura is portrayed, and is known around the school for her lack of confidence. She was also known for her physical incapability of performing in P.E. class; she would get dizzy upon doing even the simplest of warm-up exercises, likely because of her time spent in the hospital due of her heart condition. This ended up having the result of her being a target of bullying, as heard on Drama CD 1. Overwhelmed by her perceived uselessness, she begins questioning the worth of her existence as she wanders into a Witch labyrinth. As she is trembling at the hands of the familiars, Madoka saves her life, and she begins her fated friendship with her. Madoka, alongside Mami Tomoe, shows her the basics and dangers of becoming a Magical Girl, and notes that Madoka's attitude became much healthier with every Witch battle. Despite being regarded as emotionless by Sayaka Miki, Homura is shown to be far from it. Although she does not easily show signs of remorse, sadness, or pity, it is only because she had grown used to the suffering around her, and must put up a strong front to continue fighting for her goal. Homura herself has stated that she always feels badly with each life she's unable to save or alter, but nevertheless, it does not slow her down from staying true to her objective in saving Madoka Kaname.

Fighting Style

Homura's main source of magic, her shield, is capable of turning back time, as she has done numerous times, and stopping time. The amount of times she can turn back time appears to be indefinite. However, she does not use this function in battle. Rather, she uses a combination of time-stopping magic and regular, non-magic firearms, which she steals from the police and other organizations while time is stopped. She was previously known to craft her own bombs before stealing weapons. Otherwise, she has no natural magical offensive attacks.


Homura's self portrayal as a cold, antisocial, hardened Magical Girl who lacks empathy is actually nothing more than a front she built for herself; those traits were not a part of her original personality. Homura had a heart disease which left her bedridden for a long time, likely leading to her becoming unsocialized. As is shown in episode 10, she initially transferred into Mitakihara Middle School as a timid, shy, and unsure girl before getting encouragement from the first person who reached out to her, Madoka Kaname, who also complimented her name, which she mentioned being self conscious about. After finding out Madoka was a magical girl after wandering into a barrier, along with meeting Mami Tomoe, she felt inspired by them and looked up to them after they saved her life. All is seemingly going well until Walpurgisnacht appears. Mami dies at the hands of the witch, and before Homura could get hurt, Madoka turns and goes to fight the witch by herself. Madoka ends up dying in front of Homura, and she cries over her body, and then makes her wish: "I want to redo my meeting with Miss Kaname. But this time, instead of her protecting me, I want to become strong enough to protect her (source: Netflix subs)," which granted her time powers, and she was immediately thrust back in time to her first day of school, in the beginning of the month.

Timeline 2

Homura, now a Magical Girl, with newfound confidence and excitement, transfers into school all over again, walking straight up to Madoka after her name is written on the board and introducing herself as a Magical Girl, to the dismay of the class and the embarrassment of Madoka. After an indefinite amount of time, she meets up with Madoka and Mami again. With Madoka and Mami as her coaches, she begins training to use her time magic alongside close combat weaponry, and ends up constructing bombs to use as her offensive weapons. In this timeline, Homura fights her first Witch, and with Mami and Madoka's help, she's able to defeat it. This timeline ends when Madoka's soul gem becomes corrupted during the battle with Walpurgisnacht, and is about to become a Witch.

Timeline 3

After coming to the realization that Kyubey is tricking everyone, she does her best to try to convince everyone of that truth, to which Sayaka, who had become a Magical Girl, doesn't believe her and presumes she's only trying to turn everyone against each other, and also adds that Homura would be useless to their team because bombs are the only offensive attack that she has. Following Sayaka's words, Homura steals firearms from a locker and is presumably accepted into their team. Once Sayaka became a Witch, Homura apologizes before using these firearms to defeat it. After the Witch battle is over, Mami shoots and breaks Kyoko's soul gem, before tying up Homura with ribbons and aiming her gun at her, in an attempt to "save" all of them by killing them all and herself so no one would suffer. Madoka shoots and breaks Mami's soul gem with an arrow before she can break Homura's soul gem, and then bursts into tears. Homura comforts her and assures her both of them can defeat Walpurgisnacht by themselves. This timeline ends when Madoka and Homura are lying together in the wreckage of Walpurgisnacht's destruction, defeated. Both of their soul gems are clouded. Homura doesn't have any Grief Seeds, but Madoka secretly had one saved, so she used it on Homura's soul gem suddenly, healing her. Madoka asks Homura to go back in time and save her and everyone else from making a contract with Kyubey. Homura agrees. She shoots and breaks Madoka's soul gem at Madoka's request, killing her, all while crying and wailing. It's at the reset of this timeline -- the fourth timeline -- where Homura gets rid of her glasses and braids and transforms herself into the Homura we see from then on.

Series Timeline

Homura is first seen in Episode 1 in Madoka's dream at the start of the series. She is in pain and struggling against Walpurgisnacht.

Later on she is introduced as a transfer student at Madoka's school. She claims that her head is hurting, and asks to go to the nurse, knowing that Madoka is the nurse's aide. Homura is shown to lead Madoka to the nurse's office rather than Madoka leading her, which seems to put Madoka off, as she nervously shuffles with her hands and attempts to make conversation with the other girl. Homura suddenly turns on her heel and asks Madoka if she truly treasures everyone around her, and if she would ever give up the life that she had. Madoka replies that, no, she is happy with the way things are and loves everyone she knows.

Homura then meets Madoka again later, after Madoka has been lead to Kyubey. Homura is seen trying to kill Kyubey. When Madoka saves Kyubey, Homura is displeased and tells Madoka that the situation is none of her business. Then, Sayaka shows up to save Madoka, spraying Homura with a fire extinguisher.

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